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Simple and convenient

I have been buying from nailflo for months, it's simple and convenient to use, especially for changing nails for different events. They are super affordable too, highly recommend them! 👍

Nail Lovers: BUY THIS!!!

I love this brand and this particularly! It took me one or two tries to really figure it out, but since then it’s been effortless! It comes with everything you need to ditch your local nail tech, lol! I’ve been doing my own nails for about 6 months now and I can never see myself going back to someone else. Additionally, the nails stay on for weeks! My nails have always lifted until now. Very affordable as well! BUY THISSSSSS!

love this polygel

Really pleased with this product. This product is so easy to work with. My first time trying this product and I’m sure with a little practice, it will turn out much better. I tried my thumbnail first, which didn't look so good but I got better as I went. Lol. Love how you can have tips with this product. Very pleased. I can’t wait for my nails to grow out so I can play around with it again and perfect this product. Highly recommend. It is important to note that I am not a nail esthetician, I just enjoy doing my own nails. It’s also very convenient. I watched a YouTube video as well on how to use poly gel and it's very useful.

Lovely + practice = NO more Nail Salon

this kit is a keeper , I absolutely love it , taking a long hiatus from the nail salon ... however make sure to remove the nails properly .... they will lift over time but what nails don't ....I am excited for this alternative and will be using this for a while . YES for beginners , as a licensed professional it took me two tries (two fingers) and they came out AMAZING , I will suggest you also get GOOD Nail Files if you do Not have a drill and a Good pair of nail clippers ...will make things easier frfr

I will never need a nail salon again.

I have never done my own nails before but I think they came out beautiful! Such an easy kit to use with everything you need. These have been on for 6 weeks now (with an infill on the fourth week) and still going strong, no lifting or breaking. Incredible product and so easy to use once you get the hang of it.

nailflo polygel nail kit
Adeline Barnett
Great for beginners

This was for my nieces birthday and she loved it. There are a few learning curves with the amount of gel to use for each nail. If u did not use enough for the longer nail it was see through. The only other issues was making sure the gel did not create a line of gel over the real nail. Once we figure that out it great! Actually it was a fairly quick process.


The most amazing polygel nail kit EVER

so I saw your ad on tiktok and really wanted to win the free kit giveaway, but i couldn't wait so i went ahead and bought it. i got to say i dont regret it one bit! i love the color and look of the polygel on my nails! its been on for a few days now so ill see how long it can last and i will probably get some more soon!!

Love this polygel!!! The color is stunning. It’s not gritty at all like some other brands and very easy to use.

My clients absolutely love this color first off. The texture is super buttery. I feel like some poly gel has the tendency to be stiff. This one is more like a nice hybrid of acrylic! I haven’t had a single broken nail so strength isn’t a problem. Definitely would recommend

Really like how they look on my nails, but 3 stars because the courier lost my package initially. But thank you nailflo for sending a new one immediately.

These polygel nails are awesome! Saw your ad on tiktok and I immediately wanted to try it, glad I did! These turned out so well and they are so much cheaper than going to get my nails done ;) Love them!

nailflo polygel nail kit
Sophia Shepherd

The polygel works great, it takes a while to get the hang of it. But I'm never going back to salons now, this saves me so much money!

Absolutely love it

I am absolutely in love and in awe with this. They are really fun and easy to apply and they LOOK SO GOOD. 10/10 buying again and stocking up on these babies.

Needs more payment methods

Won’t let me purchase with my cash app card which is the only payment method I have! Three stars for the product being perfect just hard to get )’:

Great product I recommend

I would recommend it to all my nail tech friends.

The delivery was a bit longer than expected, mine took about 2 weeks to arrive. However, delivery is free so I won't complain. They were packed nicely and I am pleased with how my nails turned out! I would order again but in advance now knowing that the shipping takes around 2 weeks.

Me and my daughter absolutely loves it! It does take a bit getting used to it but other than that really good polygel and looks so nice on me and my daughter's nails.

Delivery was a little slow, but after I sent them an email, they rushed my order for me and I got it soon after thank you very much. The order was handled with care and well packaged. The polygel was easy enough to use and it's been a week since I have had them on and they're still looking good.

The colour change is so pretty I love it, and the nails last quite long too. Delivery was a little bit slow but they came nicely packaged and protected, overall it was great!

Sent me the wrong order! But I contacted support and they're sending me a new correct order. Waiting eagerly for my correct order to arrive.

Honestly really super impressed with this polygel, unlike other brands I have used before, this actually stays on for very long and even survived a few accidental knocks here and there. It takes a while to get used to doing them, but after I got over it, it's really easy to do and even fun to my own nails. I will recommend this to anyone who loves pretty nails!

Wow this is super cool, the nails changes colour at different places with different temperature and it's almost magical! My friends were all really impressed too, and glad to see companies like this supporting the LGBTQ+ community, let's go nailflo!

Second purchase from nailflo, happy with how long they last and how good they look!

Love it, order came a bit later but all else is great.